Warwick Journal       July 2006



Greetings. I hope everyone is having a great summer. It has been awhile since the last entry so I just wanted to update those whom are not able to attend the monthly meetings on the happenings of Warwick.


We recently had our monthly meeting and it was brought up  again about ways that members can work to help with money making ideas for Warwick. It was decided by the members present that we have received some good ideas and now is the time to start working on these. It was decided that we will now work on a Jacobs Ladder. Thoruf will be in charge of that project and Egill and David will assist with this project. An update of the progress will be given at the August meeting.


A feast update was given today as well. If you are not aware of this there will be a camping event at Scotch Ridge on July 28th, 29th and 30th. There will be feast/court on the evening of the 29th. Please get with Cheri if she has not already contacted you about what you will be bringing for the feast. Also a note that after this event on Sunday we will be meeting for A&S class at the Altoona library from 2-5 pm.


Please mark on your calendars the date for Warwick’s next Christmas party. It was decided to be held on December 2nd at the same location as last year. The Four Seasons Diner will be the location for this event again. Time will be announced as the date nears. We will also be trying to coordinate our annual Salvation Army bell ringing in conjunction with this date/event. More information on this will come later in the fall.


The topic of the Warwick tee shirts was discussed as well. It was decided by the members present to add another color to our shirt choices. We will now have the choice between the black or a gray shirt now. Also it was decided that the logo will change some also, with the growth of Warwick we should have the logo to read “Warwick Living History”. This was voted on and approved. I am now currently taking orders for tee shirts so please contact me or Lord Riche if you are interested in purchasing a shirt. We will be taking money and orders at the feast/court at the upcoming Scotch Ridge event.


There was some discussion also about a project that is available for us to do. Lord Riche presented the idea of building a thatched roof house at the Scotch Ridge site. This is a project that could be a lot of fun to do plus give us a site to meet at. We are in need of volunteers for this project if you are interested in helping on this project or would like more information on the details please contact Lord Riche directly.


Another item of discussion was that a revision was submitted by Jennete on chivalry and etiquette. Please talk to her on this revision or visit the Warwick Official book to see the amendment change. Also the discussion arised that our campsites need to be better taken care of. It has been demonstrated at several events that the campsite looks pretty bad in the mornings so it was decided that everyone will be responsible for cleaning up of their personal trash/belongings at night before you retire for the evening.


Reminder time is approaching for the renewal of vows for Ivan and Dora. This event will take place August 19th. We will be setting up camp at their home on the evening of August 18th. Ideas were discussed for this event. The renewal of vows will take place at 2pm with refreshments to follow and then that evening there will be a feast in their honor. We are trying to get a hold of a hog to roast and will have members bring other items to feast on in potluck style. If you need directions or more information please contact myself or Lord Riche for more details.


The last final subject I would like to mention is our discussion about sword practice. Due to some unforeseen events that have taken place in the fitness center, sword practice will now be moved. While in transition practice will go back to Grays Lake on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm. Lord Zouch is looking at using the West Des Moines community center as a new site for us and will be working on the details for this site. It does have a small cost to use the room but we will probably do the pass the hat at practices to help cover this expense. The cost will be minimal. Also starting in August practice on Saturdays will resume from 6-8 or 9 pm and this will also be at Grays Lake during the transition. Please see Lord Zouch with any questions regarding practice site and times ect.




Hail to Count Riche!


Hail to Countess Swafford!


Hail to Warwick!




Yours in Service,

Lady Engelise of Norham

Steward of Warwick

Deputy of Arms



Respectively submitted this 17th day of July, the year 2006.