Warwick Journal     January 2006


Greetings to the populace of Warwick. I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season. We had a great turnout to this months meeting. I appreciate everyone who was able to attend and add their input and feedback the meeting. It helps us plan for the future and lets us know things that need to be changed.

Today ideas for the Knights clasp were due to be turned in. Lord Marcan submitted a drawing for consideration for the clasp design. Count Riche decided to extend the time for these submissions to the next feast/Court, so if you have a design or idea please get these submitted prior to the next feast/Court.

The members present also discussed the need for ordering tent materials and clothing or weapons. Now is the time to submit these requests to Count Riche so he can get these items ordered. We talked about tent material that is currently available and the blue is not currently available. It will be available again at another time but the group decided that we need to have more tents so we will allow members to use a different coordinating color. Some examples of this would be burgundy and brown or forest green. Count Riche has a link of web sites available with tent designs and also members who have previously made tents are available with their designs and can help guide you through this process.


A reminder that all Warwick memberships expired 12/31/05 so please see the Steward or Count Riche to get these renewed in the month of January. After the end of January you will no longer be considered a member of Warwick if the membership renewal fee has not been paid.

Also any tee-shirts not claimed will be purchased for by some of members present at the meeting. If you would like to purchase a tee shirt, Henley, or sweatshirt please see Lady Engelise as she is compiling a list for a second order. When the next order is placed we will require payment in advance for this order as too it has taken months to get these shirts that we have currently have paid for.

The group discussed upcoming faires and demos. We need to focus more this year on ways to generate donations at these events. Several ideas were discussed and there will be more skits and theatrics this year with our demos. We will figure out how to incorporate a passing of the hat at these shows also. We also talked about things we can sell or do as ongoing demos and have donation cans set up at these times as well. There was some discussion of a contest of sorts that we match up one of our swords players vs. the general public. They would pay a fee for example of $5.00 and part of that money would go to Warwick and part into a treasure chest and if you beat the Warwick player then you would win the money in the chest, the more people that played the more the treasure chest would hold that you could win. If you can think of any more ideas to please let Count Riche know your ideas.


Count Riche discussed with the group about this summer. This year there is not as many faires as in 2005. The dates of what we already have scheduled for 2006 were discussed. Please remember our officer of scheduling has all the latest information on upcoming events, meetings ect. Please contact her if you have any questions. We have the Indianola school event for the entire 7th grade on April 23-24th. In May we have the Amana faire, the weekend of May 6-7th. There may be an event that Warwick may go to May 13th-14th a Celtic festival at Scotch Ridge in Carlisle. Then we will go to the Nodaway event September 16-17th. There are some other events that we have not committed to or know of yet what is happing for sure with the event, but these dates will be addressed with the group as Count Riche finds out more. The group discussed that it appears that our summer, so far, seems to be empty we will discuss having our own events put on by Warwick that the public will be invited too. Plus there will be things that we get asked to do so this will be discussed more in the future so please watch the Warwick home site as this information comes in.

As we prepare the Indianola event we need to make sure our demo list is up to date. Lord Marcan has the list of what members can do from the Altoona event, if you have not been put on this list or if there is something that you can do for a demonstration please let Lord Marcan or Count Riche as soon as possible.


Lord Marcan is meeting with the staff from Indianola School this weekend and we will have more specifics on this event after this meeting. We will have some work days to get ready for this event; our first discussion on this will be at the A&S day scheduled for Jan 22, 2006 at the Altoona library. Lord Rodriguez will also be teaching Calligraphy at this A& S day so please plan on attending, it will start promptly at 2:00 pm.

The group brought to vote the discussion of purchasing a sewing machine as property of Warwick. It could be used at our A&S days or special arrangements could be made to check it out to members that donít have sewing machines so they can work on their sewing projects. All members present agreed and Count Riche will be looking for machine for us to purchase.

The populace discussed that our next feast/Court will be Saturday, January 21st at the home of William of St. Gabrel. It will start promptly at 6:00 pm. If you need an address or directions please contact Count Riche or Lady Engelise. We decided that William of St. Gabrel will provide a meat and that Lord Zouch will provide cheese, Lord Marcan and Lady Engelise will provide bread, honey butter and Mead. So please plan on making a dish to add to this course. If you need any help with ideas for a dish please see Countess Gillian or Lady Engelise.

Lord Marcan announced to the group that since it is the 1 year anniversary for Warwick and that the date falls on a Wednesday we will be having a special Archery tournament that evening.


So please plan to attend, the shoot will start promptly at 7:00pm. Also since this is our 1 year anniversary I just wanted to give a Thank you to all those members who have dedicated so much of their hard work and time to make everything happen. Without these people Warwick would not exist. It takes more than just coming once in awhile and playing for the day, it takes hard work and dedication, so Huzah to you for all that you have done to make us what we are today. We always need all the help we can get to make things better. Participation is encouraged and appreciated for all events, meetings, feasts, and A&S classes.

Remember if you want to know whatís going on in Warwick please refer to Warwick home site at www.Warwick-Iowa.org or feel free to call the officer of scheduling, Lady Charbonneaux or just drop by to a class, practice or A&S day and talk to us.


I look forward to a busy and productive year for Warwick; please help keep history and Warwick alive in 2006.


Hail to Warwick!


Hail to the Count and Countess!


Lady Engelise of Norham



Respectively submitted this 8th day of January, year 2006.