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Frequently asked questions


Q: I’m interested in learning more about archery.  Who do I talk to?


A: The Officer of Archery would be the best person to talk to about the proper equipment needed and any other information related to archery.  Officer of Archery Ethen Wyllomyre  e-mail: siggerson@hotmail.com



Q: I’d love to learn about sword and other combat weapons.  Who do I talk to about what’s involved?


A: Members of Warwick participate in various forms of combat including broadsword, pole arms (staff), and light weapons (foil, rapier, cutlass).  Fighter practice is held on Saturday’s (please refer to the General Meeting Information section of this packet for times and location).  For further information regarding weapons training, proper equipment requirements, or combat related questions contact instructor / Crown Marshal Lord Zouch Brookman  delamoine@yahoo.com or Lord Earl Roberte Riche  don@latentstudios.com.



Q: I’d like to learn how to sew some of my own clothing.  How do I get started?


A: Attending Warwick’s Arts and Sciences meetings is a good place to get started.  Our members work together to answer questions and solve general problems.  You may also contact Lady Jennete Charonneaux  (515)554-6063 for basic sewing questions and advice.



Q: What are Arts and Sciences meetings?


A: Arts and Sciences (A & S) meetings are a great place to get together with other members of Warwick and work on various projects.  Sewing, tent making, wood work, chain maile, calligraphy, and painting are just a few of the projects our members have brought to these meetings to work on.  In addition the A & S officer will occasionally schedule classes (past classes include beginning calligraphy and paper making). For information on meeting times and locations, refer to the General Meeting Information section of this packet.  For questions regarding types of projects or specific information, please contact Lord Earl Roberte Riche  don@latentstudios.com



Q: What are officer meetings and can I attend?


A: Officer’s meetings, or business meetings, are held on the first Sunday of every month and are open to all registered members of Warwick.  A meeting agenda and code of conduct is followed and members may request, prior to each monthly meeting, items to be added to the agenda for discussion.  Contact Lord Earl Roberte Riche  don@latentstudios.com for information regarding our monthly officer’s meetings or to have an item added to the agenda.  Please refer to the General Meeting Information section of this packet for meeting times and locations.     



Q: What is the correct way to address the Count and Countess?  What about the officers and nobles?


A: The proper way to address the Count and Countess is “My Lord” (Count) or “My Lady” (Countess).  Male officers and nobles of Warwick may be addressed as “Lord” and the female officers and nobles may be addressed as “Lady”.  More information regarding proper forms of address can be found on the Warwick website: http://www.warwick-iowa.org/warwick/forms_of_address.htm.



Q: What do we do at feasts and how do I know what to bring?


A: Warwick’s feasts are an excellent opportunity for members and guests to come together and share in fellowship, food, and fun!  Feasts are held monthly and hosted by different members of the Warwick populace.  Most generally, the feasts are held at the home (or reserved location) of the host.  In addition to providing a location for the feast, the host is also responsible for courteous reception of members and guests.  The autocrat, or head server, makes sure the feast runs smoothly.  The host, autocrat, and servers (and server helpers) for the feast are chosen at the monthly officer’s meetings.  Members of the populace volunteer to bring various ‘period’ dishes for all to share in, such as meats, breads, side dishes, and desserts.  You will also want to bring your own feast gear, a serving dish and utensil for the food item(s) you bring to share with others, and something to drink.  Points are earned for hosting a feast and for participating as a server.  The Warwick website includes a section on proper eating etiquette: http://www.warwick-iowa.org/warwick/feast.htm.  If you have questions regarding Warwick’s feasts, you may contact Lord Earl Roberte Riche  don@latentstudios.com.  For period recipe ideas, contact Lady Countess Gillian Swafford  daidreemyr@mchsi.com, or Lady Engelise of Norham  love-history2@hotmail.com.



Q: Can I make my own coat of arms?


A: Warwick maintains a Gallery of Shields.  This gallery is representative of the coat of arms of Warwick and the various offices of Warwick as well as the coat of arms of individual members.  Any member of Warwick may choose to create their own coat of arms.  The Warwick Arms Registration Form can be found on the Warwick website at http://www.warwick-iowa.org/forms/arms.form.pdf.  For questions on how to create your own coat of arms, contact the Officer of Arms Chieftain Marcán Ō Righney  marcanorighney@yahoo.com or Deputy of Arms Lady Engelise of Norham  love-history2@hotmail.com.   


Q: How can I become a knight?


A: One of the most asked about and sought after prizes for members of Warwick is the pride of becoming a knight.  In Warwick the process for becoming a knight is very simple to understand.  First you need to decide what path you would like to follow (Knight of Combat, Archery, Arts and Sciences, or Officer).  Each path is broken down into steps, for example a knight of combat must first complete the requirements of page, then squire before becoming a knight bachelor or knight bannerette.  Warwick operates on a ‘points’ system.  Participation in various meetings and tasks earn points toward your knighthood (refer to the Points Earned to Become a Knight section of the Warwick website for specifics: http://www.warwick-iowa.org/warwick/points.htm).   For a full description on knighthood requirements, visit the Knights Rank section of the Warwick website:  http://www.warwick-iowa.org/warwick/knights_rank.htm.  For questions or additional information contact Lord Earl Roberte Riche  don@latentstudios.com


Q:  Where can I find updates and additional information on Warwick?

A:  The Warwick website contains information on news and upcoming events as well as a list of current members, various member and officer forms, goals, photos, a section on how to become a knight, and other useful information.  The Warwick website is: http://www.warwick-iowa.org/.

Warwick has also incorporated the Warwick FaceBook page.  Used to post recent news, comments, and questions regarding Warwick.  Members and guests will find information on Warwick feasts including period recipes, recommended historical reading, and helpful websites as well as areas for members, officers, archers, swordsmen, and artisans to post their comments or questions to others.  You can access the page directly from the Warwick website by clicking on the “FaceBook” link on the homepage, or you may log on to: FaceBook page right here.  For questions on how to navigate around the Warwick webpage, contact Lord Earl Roberte Riche  don@latentstudios.com, or Lady Countess Gillian Swafford  daidreemyr@mchsi.com.