Requirements Before becoming a Clarke

 Through the advancement process, it is the intent of Warwick to teach its members not only history but also servant leadership skills.

Officer's of Warwick advance differently then other knight's in Warwick, the Officer in Warwick is appointed by the populace and must hold office in good standing in order to advance to a knight. This position may  be a difficult one for you may be asked to step down from this position if the populace fills it may be served better by a different Noble in the group. The Clarke will wear a medieval long belt of red & yellow with a stripe at the bottom of the office they hold.

Before Becoming a Clarke, must be able to complete the following:

1. Complete and submit a Warwick membership form.
2. Be current on dues.
3. Attend three meetings (Officers or Feast).
4.Serve as waiters at a minimum of three feasts
5. Learn the Page's bow.
6. Be able to explain what a Clarke's is.
7. Select a Noble or Knight for a sponsor.
8. Obtain your own feast gear (plate, bowl, cups, utensils).
9. Acquire a simple outfit of at least a shirt, breeches, and a belt. In the case of ladies, a simple dress.
10.Earn 150 points