Name:    Zouch Brookman
Ordinance Officer of Warwick CWD

Pre-War Profession: Merchant

Involvements During War Time: 1863-1864 Zouch Brookman played a neutral roll during the war and is involved with many pirating excursions along the Mississippi River.

Current Residence: Up and down the Mississippi River.


Ordinance Officer of Warwick

  As the Ordinance Officer of the Civil War Division of Warwick Living History, I am in charge of the regulation, training, safety, etc. in relation to any weapons used in this Division.  This includes Muskets, Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, Pistols, any Artillery pieces, Sabers, and Swords.   I am also in charge of the safe storage of any Blackpowder at events.  I report to the 1st Officer of the Civil War Division.

 What was the role of the Ordinance Officer in the Civil War?

   During the Civil War, the Ordinance Officer would be a Commissioned Officer of any rank.  Normally they would be Store Owners, Storekeepers, etc.   However, if  an Officer did not fit in any other branch and there was no Staff Officer positions available, and there was a need, they would assign that person as an Ordinance Officer.  Each Army, Division, Brigade, and Regiment would have an Ordinance Officer.  At the Company level, those units would have an Ordinance Sergeant.  Those Ordinance Sergeants would report to their Ordinance Officer at the Regimental level.  Each branch would have their own Ordinance Officer.  The responsibilities of the Ordinance Officer would include the issue and management of all weapons including Muskets, Rifles, Revolvers, Sabers, and Swords.  Including any repair parts for these.  Artillery Ordinance Officers would issue and manage all Artillery pieces including cannons, mortars, etc.  They all also issued and managed all ammunition, powder, percussion caps, etc.  They were also assigned the procurement of each of these as well, by purchase from makers, purchase from Civilians, trade, foraging, and sometimes thievery from Civilians.  They was also in charge of repairing and reissuing to their units any captured weapons, this was especially true for the Confederacy who had a limited amount of weapons to issue to begin with. 


Log of Captain Zouch Brookman


I was the Captain of a group of Mississippi Riverboat Pirate Hunters sailing on The Black Dragon.


1851-I started out my career as a Secret Service Agent for the Crowns of England and Wales, with attachments to Isles of Man, Sodor, and Scotland at the middle age of 40.

1852-I was ranked as Inspector of the Secret Service due to vacancies in the department of the British Regiments and continued my education in the United Kingdom.

1853-I Inspector Zouch dates one of my fellow female members of the Crown and this action is not condoned by the Government and not encouraged, but is carried on anyway and her name we will leave untold at this time, although dating and marriage between Agents were not uncommon.

1854-I Inspector Zouch Brookman is granted (12) acres of land for my personal use and will purchase this land from the British Government for a small price payback.  Also was granted Lordship over (3000) acres of rental property that is owned by the Crown, this section of land is located near Romney and Hyde, southeast of Folkstone, England UK.

1855-I encounter Pirates for the first time as Iím aboard the Merchant Ship Yellow Rose, as we were headed for the coast of France.  I was on a mission for the Crown to serve in the Security of her Majesty when she arrived in the country.  From there I was supposed to head for the Isle of Sodor to help in the fight to restore trades between the countries of Ireland and Man, needless to say we were taken aboard the Pirate Vessel and held for several weeks.  We were forced to sign the Articles of Piracy and become one of them.

1855-Summer of:  I Zouch Brookman and several other men that were aboard with me decided to take over the Pirate Vessel to flee and report back to our Queen, and we did so.  Our Vessel was encountered by a British Man-O-War, and hailing the White Flag of Surrender we were taken back for questioning and interrogation.  The Parliament granted us pardon and we resumed our position with our unit.

1857-I Zouch Brookman was granted Captain of a beautiful Schooner in excellent condition and named her the Black Dragon, I now had a new career of searching out and capturing as many Pirates as possible and would receive 1000 pound sterling for each head (alive) and brought back for trial.

1860-After refitting the Black Dragon with (16) Nine Pounder Cannons, (24) Two Pounder Swivel Guns and enough powder to last in any fight, we headed to the Main Land of America and followed leads that were provided by reliable sources, and we encountered many a Pirate Vessel.  Now know to all Pirates of the Caribbean we were called Pirate Hunters and feared by all.

1863-I Captain Zouch Brookman and The Black Dragon now start our journeys up the Mississippi River to the most Northern States of America, and finding ourselves searching out the Hole in the Wall Gang Pirates, as these men tried to control all of the Mississippi and the Wabash River Trade.  The Crew and I were successful in locating these ruthless men and brought them in for trial.

1864-I Zouch Brookman and a few of my crew head back up North in search of more Pirates known to be on the waters of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, and joined up with the Confederate Armies near the State of Iowa, granted from the British Crown we shall return when all Piracy has ended.