Name:    Major Benjamin Wooley Shacklett 
1st Officer of division & Surgeon General of Warwick CWD

Pre-War Profession: Farmer

War Service: 1861-1862 Commander in the Confederate Army in charge of the Scotland County Mounted Troop, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Division.

Location Unit Entered Service: Etna, Scotland County, Missouri

Unit type: Missouri State Guard (Militia)

Branch of Service: Dismounted Cavalry

Current Residence: Harrison Township, Scotland County, Missouri, - Married to Harriet Shacklett with two children, Elizabeth Shacklett, & Mary Shacklett.

Notes: Skirmish at Etna, Missouri - 20 July 1861; Battle of Athens, Missouri - 05 August 1861; Battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri - 10 August 1861.