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Civil War/Old West Division
Time Period 1860-1899


Last updated: 08/02/2010

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Lord Earl Roberte Riche of Warwick Living History Corporation

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 The Warwick Living History Corporation is a volunteer not-for-profit educational organization structured to develop a strong community of Archers, Artisans, Combatants, and Historic Performers for further education in Worldly Culture, primarily through the use of live action historical programming, otherwise referred to as living history. Warwick enables its members to make history a valuable and fun experience for the lives of spectators and participants of the general public by researching of the life ways of the people who created our history, by the presentation of educational and entertaining programs.

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Warwick Living History Corporation was officially established in Iowa, January 11, 2005 & is now over 30 members strong in Des Moines, Iowa & interest is steadily growing because of what the members of Warwick do on a weekly basis.

Warwick through its commitment in education of live action historical programming is now in the first stages of developing a new division of the Warwick Living History Corporation. The Civil War Division was drafted on the 10th day of July 2006 in order to be developed into a Civil War Living History Group that will cover both the Union & the Confederate sides of the conflict through the education of its members.

Members may be part of the Union and as part of the Union will learn and educate the public about the truths of the war as if they were a person who severed in the US Army in the 1860's. Members may also be part of the Confederacy and as part of the Confederacy will learn and educate the public about the war as if they were a person who served in the Confederate Army in the 1860's. Also if a member does not want to be a part of the Union or the Confederate Army they may become a civilian of either side or of neutral interest and portray people of history such as government officials, law enforcement, or common town folk, ect... As a civilian member you will learn about the person or position you are portraying in history and teach the public about who you are and how you would of lived in the Civil War time period.

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If you would like to be a part of the world of Civil War and other historical events from the past but are not sure what you need to do to get involved or how knowledgeable you need to be to join in on the fun, well no worries because the members of Warwick will help you with all the details for we were all new at this at one time. - Learn more by clicking right - HERE

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+ Warwick Civil War Directory+ If you are having a hard time finding your way around the web site; this is a list of everything on Warwick-Iowa.org (Civil War Division)


The Warwick Civil War Division is a new division started on July 10, 2006 and is in it's development stage. If you are interested in Civil War time period and would like to get involved in the development of this division and join us at events to teach about the Civil War, we would be glad to have you as a member.

All of our events are open to anyone interested.

Warwick is a great place for people to get together and make history and form new friendships.


Warwick    Schedule of Ongoing Events               


Monthly CWD Members Meeting: (Members of Warwick only) NOW on the 1st Saturday of each Month
Next Warwick Civil War Division Next Meeting: August 7th 2010
Location: At St. Luke's Episcopal Church   -MAP-

Weekly Saber, Sword, & Bayonet Practice This will be set up as tutor or group get together as per members.

Warwick Civil War Division Message Board: for updates to keep Warwick members informed.

Arts & Sciences:  As scheduled
The Next Scheduled A&S class
To be determined
Same place we have our Feast, St. Luke's Episcopal Church   -MAP-





Warwick's Upcoming Activities, Events & Demo’s

This is a complete listing of all Activities, Events and Demonstrations that the Warwick Civil War Division will be participating in.

 Check back here often for newly added events! -Last updated: 06/27/2010-

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Year 2008 AD Upcoming Events:

Check out the full calendar of Warwick events by both Divisions on this link!



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