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If you wish to hire Warwick please contact Lord Mayor Robert Rich. If you have a question or would like to get in contact with a particular department then you may do so by the below e-mail.

-DESCRIPTIONS OF OFFICES- Go here to learn each position.


Executive Officers

Official Mayor: Lord Mayor Robert Rich  Executive Director in charge of knowing everything about Warwick Living History

1st Officer of division: Major B.W. Shacklett   The highest ranking officer, in charge of the Civil War Division.

♦ These two Officers are required to attend all Warwick Officer Meetings to represent the Civil War Division. ♦

Officers of Warwick Civil War Division

Ordinance Officer: Zouch Brookman In charge of training and safety in the use of all weapons (firearms, sabers and swords, artillery, etc.).

Quartermaster: Ivan Ullrich In charge of all Civil War Division group property and disposition.

Surgeon General: Major B.W. Shacklett   The Medic/Nurse - Provides all medical care - Does have current basic CPR/First Aid certification.

Inspector General: Jennete Charbonneaux   Inspects all encampments for period ness, notifies members to correct violations, ensures members' clothing, uniforms and equipment are correct (no modern items).

Historian: Isadora   Documents Civil War Division's history, ensures historical information on web site is correct.


Officers of Warwick Living History Corporation

These are some of the officer positions that are in charge of the Medieval/Renaissance & the Civil War Division.

Paymaster/Steward of Warwick: Harriett Shacklett  Secretary and Accounts

Officer of Schedules: Jennete Charbonneaux   Keeps track of events

Hospitality Officer: (position open) In charge of knowing how to answer questions about Warwick and Welcoming new Members

All officers of the Civil War Division will report to the 1st Officer of the Civil War Division.

The 1st Officer of the Civil War Division will report to the Mayor either directly or indirectly (Officers Meetings).

The Officers of the Civil War Division do not need to complete a monthly Officer's report. However, they do need to report any activity in electronic form to the 1st Officer of the Civil War Division, no later then the last day of the month.