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Warwick Overview & Goals

 The Warwick Living History Corporation is a volunteer not-for-profit educational organization structured to develop a strong community of Archers, Artisans, Combatants, and Historic Performers for further education in Worldly Culture, primarily through the use of live action historical programming, otherwise referred to as living history. Warwick enables its members to make history a valuable and fun experience for the lives of spectators and participants of the general public by researching of the life ways of the people who created our history, by the presentation of educational and entertaining programs.


Some of the goals of Warwick Civil War Division include but not limited to:

♦  Raise donations to purchase a mid - large sized truck to transport encampment materials for all of the members of Warwick who do not have the means to do so themselves.

♦  Do more community events.

♦  Become and maintain 100 members strong by summers end of 2006.

♦  Become participants in Civil War & Black Powder events in the surrounding States of Iowa & maybe some even further away in 2007 & beyond.

♦  Finish tents and make more tents.

♦  Build chest for dishes, food, & other gear.

♦  Make more flags & banners.

♦  Kitchen tent & changing tents for the encampment to use for all members.

♦  Develop a working encampment. IE, working projects such as cooking, medic center, sewing, ect... Other projects and activities that an actual historic encampment would be doing while camping.