Re-enactor’s checklist


The following is a list of items each member of Warwick may wish to obtain:


Basic Garb – Basic garb for men consists of a shirt or tunic, breeches, kilt, or hosen (depending on your persona).  As you add to your wardrobe you may want to include a doublet, surcoat, cotehardie, or tabard.

A basic woman’s wardrobe may consist of a simple dress or long tunic, or a chemise, skirt and bodice.  As you expand your wardrobe you may wish to include overskirts, underskirts, corset, bloomers, hoop skirt or farthingale, or bum roll depending on the class and era you portray.


One item of clothing highly recommended for both men and women is a cloak.  Cloaks come in different styles and fabrics.  You may even wish to obtain a heavier cloak for cold weather and a lightweight cloak for regular use.



Accessories – In addition to your garb, you may also want to obtain the following items: leather ‘cinch’ belt, pouch, tankard strap (attaches to the belt to easily carry your tankard with you), hat or head covering (for example: flat cap, muffin cap, biggin, or snood (for ladies)). Vambrances, gauntlets, or gloves may also be accessories to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Footwear is also an essential item.  Not only does wearing the appropriate footwear ‘make’ the costume, but it will also help keep you comfortable when standing for long periods of time or doing a lot of walking.    



Feast Gear - For monthly feasts, camping, and other events you will want to have your own set of feast gear.  Items should include a tankard, mug and/or goblet, plate, bowl or noggin, knife, fork, and spoon.  You may also want to obtain the following optional items:  cloth napkin(s), cloth table covering, candles and candle stick holders, serving bowls and utensils for sharing food with others.  Wood, metal, and pottery are all appropriate for feast gear.  Note: if using metal feast gear make sure it is made from a lead free alloy to avoid potential health problems.



Camping Equipment – Many of the events Warwick participates in require overnight camping.  The following is a list of items you may wish to invest in:  period tent and tent accessories (poles, ground cover, stakes, etc.), chair or stool, table, period activities to keep you busy, demo equipment (if needed), bedding, storage (remember to keep non-period items stored out of the public view), first aid kit, emergency kit, bucket, extra water.


Note:  Check with Lord Roberte Riche for information on making your own period tent.


Weapons – If you choose to participate in a fighter group or archery, you will want to make sure you have the appropriate gear and safety equipment.  Please check with the Warwick Crown Marshal, Officer of Archery, or a fight instructor for a list of these items.