Chamberlain: responsible for the great chamber and for the personal finances  of the castellan during the Middle Ages.

Requirements Before Becoming a Chamberlain

Upon completing all requirements for Chamberlain and being approved by the Crown, recognition will take place at a Official Court. A Chamberlain will continue to aid the populace in duties within the Realm.

Before Becoming a Chamberlain, must be able to complete the following:

1. Learn the organizational structure and titles of Warwick.
2. Learn all the officers titles & positions in order to know where to direct others who have questions.
3. Learn the rules of court, including the forms of address of those of the peerage and noblige.
4. Learn the rules of eating etiquette.
5. Learn the rules of chivalry.
6. Learn the Knight's Code
7. Head server in at least three feasts.
8. Acquire the tools and equipment appropriate for the position.
9. Read a book about the Middle Ages (no less than 150 pages) and write a book report.
10. Hold office in Warwick for at least 6 months.
11. Pass a written examination for becoming a Chamberlain.
12.Earn 1000 points