Requirements Before becoming a Bowman

The life of a medieval bowman very light armored compared to other soldiers on the field but they were absolutely necessary for the outcome of a battle. The bowman would be in the rear of all the fighting on the field and loft volley after volley of arrows in to the advancing enemy, taking out as many as possible. Through the advancement process, it is the intent of Warwick to teach its members not only history but also servant leadership skills.

After completing all requirements as set forth by Warwick for advancement to Bowman, a member will partake in a Bowman Archery Ceremony. At this ceremony, the Bowman will select a Noble or Knight as their sponsor. Sponsoring a bowman requires the Noble or Knight to serve as a mentor and guide to the new Bowman. The Bowman becomes part of the Noble's household and as such will continue to wear the tabard of their sponsoring Noble until the Bowman advances to a Marksman. The Bowman will aid their Noble in any duties or tasks needed on behalf of their Noble or Knight in regards to Warwick. Bowman may wear nearly any medieval style attire in addition to their noble's tabard. However, a Bowman is not entitled to carry or wear any weapons or armor unless participating in a tournament.

Before Becoming a Bowman, must be able to complete the following:

1. Complete and submit a Warwick membership form.
2. Be current on dues.
3. Attend three meetings (Officers or Feast).
4.Serve as waiters at a minimum of three feasts
5. Learn the Page's bow.
6. Be able to explain what a Bowman is.
7. Select a Noble or Knight for a sponsor.
8. Complete the Bowman Archery Ceremony.
9. Obtain your own feast gear (plate, bowl, cups, utensils).
10.Earn 150 points