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What is Warwick & What does Warwick do?


Warwick was established Jan 11, 2005 and started out as only a Renaissance and Medieval interest group. Over the last few years, we have expanded to also include Celtic, Civil War and most recently Old  West events to our agenda. The expanded time frame allows for greater diversity and broader historic learning opportunities, as well as more activities and events for the members to participate in.

Members of Warwick gather together to learn from one another in the area of Historical Arts & Sciences, they work on projects such as tent making, paper making, chain mail, theatrical plays, dancing & so much more. If it is Historical, we try to do it. We as a group learn from each other because some people are more knowledgeable about one thing where as some one else is not and if you are not very knowledgeable about history then this is the place to come join in and learn some things about the past and have fun in teaching others what our forefathers once know but has over time been forgotten by the majority of the World.  

If you have any questions contact the Officer of Arts & Sciences Dorathea Helferstine

Through the Warwick Living History group you will be able to learn many skills about history. Below is a list subjects we study and perform at many of our events, click on the subject to follow a link to a webpage that has more detailed information.

Black Powder (Civil War / Old West Division)

Sword Fighting (Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic Division)

Theatre Basics to Advanced (All Divisions)

Subjects performed or demonstrated by members of Warwick. If you are interested in learning any of these subjects, contact the member and ask if you can learn with them or from them (you mast be a member of Warwick.

     Subjects                                                              Members

Archery, Knife & Axe Throwing -                Chieftain Marcn Ō Righney

Heraldry -                                                      Chieftain Marcn Ō Righney

Wood Crafting -                                            Lord Count Roberte Riche, Wolfgang Ullrich

Herbalist -                                                     Lady Countess Gillian Swafford

Historic Games -                                          Lady Engelise Norham

Chainmail -                                                   Egill Assa Tveskaeg

Sewing -                                                        Lady Engelise Norham, Isadora Ullrich

For the most recent list of who does what go to the members page and click on a members name to see what subjects they cover.

These are great sites to get information on how to make historical items to better your Renaissance Faire experience.
More to be added as soon as time permits, I want you to be able to get as much information as possible but one man can only do so much. I am happy to do this for everyone interested in history.