Warwick Renaissance Dinner

                               Saturdays of scheduled every few months



Every few months Warwick invites its populace to come & partake in a renaissance style dinner. those who attend will bring a period dish of their choice to show off any cooking talent they may possess. As of today the Earl of Warwick has yet to find a bad dish that has been offered.

This is one funfest events that we just can't get enough of.  After the formalities are over & the food, drinks & imported wine have been served by the servers, everyone is relaxed & enjoying pleasant conversation and entertainment. After the meal is finished & the servers are cleaning up the tables, the nobles & officers of Warwick may conduct a short meeting with the populace.

After court is brought to closing and all is put in order, members and guest will often stay around till around to do other activities such as sword fighting & visiting with one another or just having fun as a group, and for all this I Lord Roberte Riche am very happy with! because in such a short time of development as a group we have overcome many things and have come to develop a great place for people of all ages & nationalities to get together and make history and form new friendships.