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 If you have been to a Renaissance Faire, a Civil War recreation, or any other historical event and wondered “who are these strange people and how can I get involved?”, well let me guide you through the World of Warwick Living History Organization and explain the way we are stranger and more fun than any of the typical Renaissance, Civil War groups, or other historic groups out there. Most groups are period specific, this means their members recreate a certain time period such as 1066AD - 1700AD and portray a specific Nationality such as British, French, German, etc... Well,  Warwick throws all the norm out the open window at the top of the tower!  In our group you will choose any time period and Nationality you darn well wish!!!  The catch is that you will also have to learn about who you are in history and educate others about who you are and where your home is in a historical aspect.


 First off let me introduce myself; I am Lord Earl Roberte Riche, Count of Warwick. OK, so you probably don't know what you need to do to get involved, right? First and most important, you will need to complete a membership form , then when you are ready, you will decide on what Nationality/Culture you wish to portray and whether  you would like to develop a persona (personality) that is a relative of your family from the past or if you would like to make a whole new person altogether. This is up to you and if you need help, just ask one or many of the members of the group. You will have to have a persona name before you can have a web page created on the web site for you (we will not use real names on the site).

Next after you become a member you will be sent a new member’s welcome packet that will have everything you will need to know to become involved in all of the events and activities that the members of Warwick participate in and some information on the Warwick Not-For-Profit Living History Corporation.


What can you do in Warwick ???

 Well,  as I tell any new interested person I meet, in Warwick we do many types of historical activities and projects such as sewing, sword fighting, archery, music, black smith skills, the list goes on and on... about the only thing we do not do is jousting because we do not have horses and the insurance is quite expensive. Other then that activity, we do perform most any other skills and are excited if a new member joins and has a skill that is not already in the group. If you do not have any skills don't let this discourage you from joining,  for many of us started with no skills but the members in the group will help you develop a skill that you will enjoy for we all learn off of each other. At some of the Arts & Sciences events a member will ask to teach a class on what they are good at and teach the other members and some non members that join us at an Arts & Sciences Class or you may want to become an understudy of a member or just learn a little bit of information from as many members as you can. The possibilities are basically endless.


  Warwick participates in several events and historical projects during the year, mostly Medieval and Renaissance era. Members are starting to partake in other eras also such as Civil War and 1800's black powder & fur trading. One thing I would like to let you know is that like me you may want to start out in one era and then work into another because of the cost it takes to get all of your clothing and equipment, it is NOT a cheap adventure.


  When you do start portraying a character it will need to be as if that character actually existed, as we do not portray Hollywood characters we portray actual life. This means that if you have a character such as a pirate then you will have to do studies on how a pirate lived and looked. Pirates did not always have a Captain's hat or a patch, a pirate looked just like any other person at the time. A Captain may have looked somewhat like you may picture or like a common Noble and a sailor would look like a common peasant with a cap that looked like a stocking cap. Just remember we can not have "too may chiefs and not enough Indians."  As you may see happening at many Renaissance Faires now a days, everyone wants to portray the Captain look, but it is just as important to have the common sailors portrayed also. 


If you need more information then you should check out our frequently asked questions page.


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